About Doculabs

Doculabs was founded in 1993 by James K. Watson, Jr., PhD, formerly of the printing systems group at Xerox Corporation; and Richard Medina, an imaging specialist and analyst for Information Resources, Inc.

The company was founded on three simple principles:

Over 28 years, Doculabs has established itself as the premier consultancy in the enterprise content management (ECM) market, with clients that include most of the organizations in the Fortune 100 and more than 30 percent of the Fortune 50.

Doculabs continues to expand services for clients, developing expertise in process mining and process execution to further the ongoing focus on getting the most benefit from any processes.

Doculabs is based in Chicago, in the heart of the city’s financial district.

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Doculabs Leadership

James K. Watson, Jr., PhD, CEO and Founder: James K. Watson, Jr., PhD founded Doculabs in 1993 as a consultancy specializing in content-based applications, providing recommendations to organizations seeking to use enterprise content management (ECM) technologies to improve the management of their business content. As a spokesman for Doculabs’ in-depth perspective on the industry, Watson leads Doculabs’ efforts in fulfilling speaking requests for numerous technology and business conferences. He also regularly provides commentary on the industry’s key topics and issues in leading technology publications and on Doculabs’ blog.

Rick Tucker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing: Rick Tucker has 14 years of experience in information management technologies. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rick is principally responsible for Doculabs’ branding and messaging and for directing he development of messaging and supporting materials to position the company’s service offerings. Rick also oversees Doculabs’ participation in industry events and maintains Doculabs’ relationships with partners and trade associations to share experience and knowledge with the communities Doculabs focuses on.

Marty Pavlik, Practice Lead: Marty Pavlik helps clients put in place complex digital business transformation initiatives involving leading technologies. He has a proven leadership record, with extensive global experience delivering high-impact results in an Agile environment, acting as a key advisor to senior executives. Marty’s primary experience is serving Fortune 500 companies.