Information Security

Organizations are producing more data and more types of data. But the ways of creating, consuming, and collaborating on data are also on the rise—along with the number of systems and applications housing that data.

Regulations governing the storage of sensitive data continue to proliferate—HIPAA, HITECH, and Safe Harbor, to name just a few. For the regulated community, producing the relevant information for audit, compliance, or litigation purposes has only become more onerous.

Add to this the mounting concern over data security threats, from bad actors both inside and outside the organization—a threat that’s even greater, the bigger your data stockpile grows.

How do you meet these information management challenges? Where do you start?

Doculabs knows the information security landscape. We’ve worked with leading organizations in healthcare, insurance, financial services, and the life sciences to address the security issues and challenges involved in managing structured and unstructured data.

Our services include:

Wouldn’t you like to know just what data is on which systems, and who has access to it? To identify network data that’s ROT – i.e. redundant, obsolete and trivial, as well as data that’s orphaned or sensitive? Wouldn’t you also like to be able to keep data only as long as you’re required to? To know that appropriate access controls are in place for sensitive and high-risk data? And to be confident you have in place all the required information management policies for all the regulations your organization is subject to?

Check out our white papers, Data Lifecycle Management and Information Governance and Information Governance 2.0 for more perspective on how Doculabs can help you address your organization’s information security challenges.