Information Security

Information security, or InfoSec, is the practice of putting in place the tools and policies to defend information from unauthorized access or use.

For decades, when it comes to information management, organizations have made it a practice to “keep it all”. But keeping it all is no longer a viable option—particularly from the risk standpoint.

As the volume of information continues to grow, and in the absence of effective policies for managing information, the network repositories of most organizations now contain sensitive data: everything from personally identifiable information (PII), to protected health information (PHI), to payment card industry (PCI) data—i.e. precisely the data that hackers and bad actors are looking for. Chances are those same networks also contain a vast amount of ROT—data that’s redundant, obsolete, and/or trivial, and shouldn’t be out there in the first place.

If you’re looking to reduce risk or to improve the security of your organization’s information assets, Doculabs can help you put in place industry best practices for effective information security—practices that also enable you to optimize the value of your information assets..

Doculabs helps organizations address one very critical link in the Cybersecurity Kill Chain: data theft. We help you design and execute on an information management program that allows you to identify and keep the data you need (i.e. data with legal or operational use) and to purge the data you don't need, while also making sure the sensitive or high-risk data is moved to repositories with appropriate levels of security.

The result is 1) assurance that sensitive and high-risk data is stored with appropriate security, and 2) a reduced information footprint—i.e. less data for bad actors to steal, so you can focus your limited security resources on protecting a smaller set of business-relevant data.

Doculabs’ consulting practice is grounded in helping organizations make the most effective use of their content-based applications. Learn more about the services we provide to help you detect potential threats and make sure your content doesn’t put you at risk.